The people of Zamagurie sat down and deployed new GUARDS of their future harvest. Last summer, I started photographing these scarecrows because I was fascinated by the creativity with which they would make these of their GUARDS. These are unique creations that are made with a purely functional intention but set in the landscape to create a chest of drawers of unique installations. And I record this because every year and season is different.
Such a conceptual photography of the landscape can also be the topic of a PHOTO WEEKEND or a photography workshop, which I organize here in Zamagurie.

four musketeers in Zamagurie
from the series GUARDIANS – 058 – Spišské Hanušovce / 2020
Guardians of Zamaguria – May 2020
from the cycle GUARDIANS – 061 – Spišské Hanušovce / 2020
from the series GUARDIANS – 057 – Spišské Hanušovce / 2020