Jezersko and surroundings

The village Jezersko (770 metres above sea level) is located in the Kežmarok district in the Prešov region. It is situated in the breathtaking area of Spišská Magura and it is near the border with Poland.

Above the village, at 919 metres above sea level, there is the natural Jezerské lake. The lower part of the village is inhabited by several families with traditional farms with cattle, goats and sheep. The upper part consists mostly of cottages. The surrounding countryside is untouched by billboards and advertisements. Instead, there are beautiful forests, meadows, fields and pastures. There are also several traditional chalets with sheep. This area offers many options for walks, hikes and bicycle tours through forest paths but also cross-country skiing in the winter. You won’t meet any other tourists even during the busiest tourist season. It is ideal for people who want to relax and enjoy themselves in beautiful nature.

For those interested in tourist attractions and well-known places there is the Treetop walk, Červený kláštor and the Niedzica dam in Poland.