Pigment print of meters from the cycle TRIBUTE TO THE DISHONOURED in the Photo Studio of the MM in Poprad by Rado Maťaš. These large photo prints will also be on display at the exhibition entitled EXTRACT, designed by curators Ruda Prekop and Elena Porubänová in the M.A. Bazovsky in Trenčín, which will open in December. The hand gilding, which I slowly began yesterday at the cottage, is a slow and meditative part of this series of photographs, which pays homage to the disgraced saints from the frescoes in Georgia in the 9th-century David Garedž Monastery complex, carved into the rocky mountains in the form of smaller and larger rooms that form the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan.

digital, pigment printing at the Photo Studio MM in Poprad
FineArt mat Lomond paper 180 g / m2
I have a table for such big prints at the cottage
hand gilding is only for the patient and with a feeling for fine work