After a few days of wandering through the beautiful Slovak landscape (Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise), Mišo Knitl, who is one of the great travelers and organizer of the travel festival CESTOU NECESTOU, stopped by me in Jezersko yesterday. I hope that I will sometimes be able to have him as a traveler at a travel screening at the RAMAGU Studio in Spišská Stará Ves to present one of his several monthly trips. He usually travels on foot and sleeps in a tent or uses couchsurfing.
Since he slept with me, we had some time to take over some of the technical tweaks he uses to reduce the weight of what he wears on his back when traveling. We have gone through some of the trails that he would like to take in the near future when the situation allows and he will be able to travel again. Maybe I’ll go on one of those trails with him too.
In the morning at 07:00 I went to take Michal from Jezersko to Bachledka, so we crossed the slopes in 48 minutes. and there he was picked up by another Michal, with whom they went to make one interesting crossing in the Tatras. I walked across the meadows above Ždiar towards Frankova. I had beautiful views of the Belianské Tatras with morning light.

photographed around the eighth from meadows and pastures above Ždiar
morning tea with a great view
and one more view of the Belianske Tatras
symbol of the coming spring