Photographing products differs from what needs to be photographed, what the purpose of the final shot is and how big it is. The basis is the same for photography of all products and that is light. For me, playing with light is very important because it creates a certain mood and atmosphere, which will highlight the product and simply say it. I have been involved in product photography for many years and photographing the bed by Slavo Polaček under the KOLAČ brand quite regularly in recent years. Since each bed is a unique ORIGINAL and Slavo chose a demanding marquetry technique for his handwriting, I photograph every bed he makes. We have already chosen programmatically as the environment where we photograph these beds in his workshop. So the place where each bed is made. Light is the basis for a good photo, so I care about lighting and creating an atmosphere right when taking photos. I use two to three lights where the basic level light has a lighbox, which makes me a soft light, and with the second light I stick out a certain part or a supporting detail with flaps on a standard reflector. The third light is only occasionally when a certain dark part or detail is illuminated in larger units.

Finalizing images in Photoshop is also very important. I will clean the image from unwanted drawers, cords and some dirt that could not be removed during the photo shoot and with a gentle adjustment I will tighten the light atmosphere that I did directly during the photo shoot so that I would make the final atmosphere I had imagined.
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