So that you don’t think that I only enjoy nature at the cottage. I also enjoy the peace of mind to work that requires well-being and concentration. Handmade gold (but not real gold) more photos from the cycle TRIBUTE TO THE DISHONOURED –

It is a manual intervention in a photograph that is pigment-printed on 300g fine art paper and thus becomes a unique original. I teach this technique in workshops together with manual coloring of b / w photos. If you would like to learn it, we can agree individually or in a small group when and where we would do such a workshop.

I took photos, mostly of saints in the Tribute to the Wicked cycle, in 2016 when I was in Georgia and I visited the David Gareja monastery complex from the 9th century. on the border with Azerbaijan.

David Gareja Monastery from the 9th century standing on the border with Azerbaijan
despite several destructive attacks by nations of different faiths, the frescoes have survived quite well
each of the saints has a ruined face