After two days of shooting a video for Nika Barľáková for the song UNBULBED PASSION in a Ramagu production, I give a few photos of the working atmosphere. Filming took place in Spišská Stará Ves in the Ramagu Studio with great people = Lukáš Marhefka, Zdenko Dudžák, Laura Kočanová, dancers Michal and Rebeka, backstage Simona Marhefková, and make-up artist Santa Mery Gurovičová.

snowfall of rose petals
Laura Kočanová while driving the camera
a relaxing evening after the first day of filming at my cottage in Jezersko
main protagonist of the singer and author of the song Nika Barľáková
a panoramic view of the entire space of the Ramagu Studio, which has been transformed into a film studio
whole work team – from left: Lukáš and Simona, Robo and Laura, Nika, Zdenko, Rebeka, Michal and Santa Mery