In my thirty-year photographic work, studio portrait photography is one of the most common orders. People can be portrayed for various reasons (in a portfolio, for an election campaign, a working portrait or just a souvenir, a family portrait).). A lot has changed in technology in those thirty years. It was once used for films where the whole thing was built on lighting and photography itself, large interventions in the post-process were not made (minor retouching). With the advent of digital technology, the approach to portrait photography has changed, and many “photographers” use the camera to capture those portrayed without much light and to create an atmosphere right when taking pictures. Postprocess = working in a program on a computer is 90% of their work. For me, the most important thing is the lighting itself and the creation of the atmosphere already during the photo shoot and after the post-process I am adjusting and retouching only some details. I want the client I am photographing to be as natural as possible and to remain myself. EVERY PHOTOGRAPHER HAS ITS STYLE AND MANUSCRIPT. I can also teach you this during the PHOTO WEEKEND with the topic COMPOSITION and WORKING WITH LIGHT + PHOTOSHOP photo editing.

after retouching
illuminated and photographed

A few shots I took more than ten years ago

working shot from a portrait photograph of Jozef Metelka – Paralympic representative in cycling