We all enjoyed the fun photo of the Amundsen cloud all we took part in the Ganovce near the thermal spring.

model of the ship FRAM, which was used between 1893 and 1912 for expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic regions by Norwegian explorers led by Roald Amundsen
warming at least your feet in the warm water of this thermal spring before lunch was handy
after work and fun it’s time for a warm lunch
the bacon and sausages from BOOK as an appetizer were fantastic
after a good and warm lunch, it was no longer cold even in DEVOLD thermal underwear
but if you still want to warm up more, then ROROS blankets (100% sheep wool) have no mistake

You can also experience photo courses for such photography at the FOTOVIKEND at my cottage.If you are interested write me and we will agree (koan.robo@gmail.com).