Sometimes someone visits me at a cottage in Jezersko and sometimes I give a meeting somewhere else. A few days ago, a friend, photographer and cameraman Martin Kollár came to see me unexpectedly. A very nice surprise even though it was a rainy day and I was just packing up because I was going to Bratislava for work.

with Martin Kollár in Jezersko

And when I’m in Bratislava again, I meet people I haven’t seen in a long time. And there was one such meeting even now in the company POD LAMPOU with the photographer – documentary filmmaker Matúš Zajac, who published a perfect, new book. So we met, talked, and exchanged books.

with Matúš Zajac POD LAMPOU

We met a former classmate with VŠVU after years in Artforum where I brought my book for sale with thirty years of work. I was very pleased with this meeting.

with Juraj Kováčik in Artforum
Here we were in 1991 at VŠVU as the first students of photography
(me, Juraj Kováčik, Filip Vančo, Jana Šebestová and Simona Labádiová curator)