This weekend I had my first family PHOTO WEEKEND at my cottage in Jzersko. The family of four decided to spend three days from the holidays a little more creative and so they came to my cottage. Since it was a matter of the twins being creatively employed and learning something new, I prepared a more varied program for them and not just on one topic, as I usually do for adult participants. The main topic was the manual coloring of black and white photographs (from my archive), which they were very interested in and their parents joined. Tourism in this beautiful landscape of Zamagurie was not to be missed and during it we took some photos and got acquainted with the composition of the photographed objects. Painting snail houses with acrylic paints was also popular. And in the evening, in addition to the barbecue and the travel cinema, we also did some luminographies, so we drew with flashlights during a few seconds of exposure in the garden. It was a lot of fun.

coloring b / w photos, which the girls took very relaxed and without restraint
documenting the artist in the creative process
several creations that did not lack imagination
evening luminography and fire preparation are not excluded
family abstract creativity
večera v altánku pri ohni
at the end a joint photo with the lecturer
and such a family portrait as a gift for a nice weekend