For several years now, I have been photographing every bed that Slavo Poláček produces under the KOLAČ brand. I really enjoy photographing products and interiors that are unique, original and imaginative. Product photography is also about creativity, idea, composition and light. The basis is to combine the product with the environment where you will photograph it, which in this case is the workshop where these beds are made. The second thing is the light with which you make the atmosphere and the third thing is the post-production, which you use to finalize it so that the photographed product dominates and evokes in the potential buyer the feeling that he wants to have it at home.

detail from another bed
photographed in the ORIGINAL gallery with a Roros blanket
wooden sinks

Those interested in a workshop = photo course or PHOTO WEEKEND where I can teach you how to work with light and composition in product photography, contact me at 0903 958 875 or The course can be group, individual or you can buy it for someone as a gift.